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I See Myself Creating a Life Filled with Love

“I See Myself Creating a Life Filled with Love”, 2016. 100×82 cm. Acrylic on canvas. SOLD

Green and orange are two colors I don’t spontaneously use in combination but just as the pictures in the deck, are the mountains colors selected from a system. At least the first seven mountains, the last four are chosen by another thought.

At these first seven mountains I used colors connected to the chakra system. Every mountain and sky has a color that will appear only once and that makes green and orange inevitable to meet at some point.

The orange color stands for creativity and the green for love, therefore the title. Interesting is that this color combination is found twice in the healing deck. They appear on the cards for “Loneliness” and “Guilt”. Two emotional states that the ability to create a life filled with love heals and dissolves. Painting this mountain made me see these two colors together as very beautiful.


Please contact me if you are interested in buying this painting or as an art print.
The print comes signed and numbered. The painting is signed on the back.

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