“I see myself as a free spirit”

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10. “I see myself as a free spirit”
100x81cm. Acrylic on canvas. Shipping is payed for separately and the amount is depending on the destination.

“I’m standing on the top of the world; ready to take whatever step that is calling upon me. The white snow has turned into silver, as a reflection from the feminine that has returned to our world, unharmed, and the mountain itself is covered in the same snow that early made me turn inwards to heal and to learn. I’m now one with that search; it’s no longer a separate part of me.”

The paintings in the series “I see myself” was made at the same time as the book Lee Seger Healing Card was written. They are a counterpart to the generality in the text and show the personal aspects of the book’s content. The mountain as a motive comes from the symbol of clarity in the deck of cards. “The repetitive fascinates me. Something happens when you repeat the same motive but with different colour combinations. The intuitive meaning of the colours together with the static form of the symbol gives new perspectives to the same question.” Lee Seger


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